Teen & Adult Class

                Are you looking for a program to help teach your teen about honor, respect and build self-esteem?  Or maybe you’re an adult who is looking for a fitness program to keep you flexible and get in better shape both physically and mentally.  Then we have a program for you.  For almost three decades I have been training and teaching Isshin-Ryu karate along with other various styles to men and women.  Our program will get you in shape or help keep you in shape.  Along with a strong fitness program you will learn fun and very affective self defense techniques.  We hope that no one ever has to use self defense but if that day ever comes we will train you to be confident and have the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.  We have an extensive and detailed program with specific requirements for each level to help you achieve your own black belt or even your own teaching certification. This is a lifelong adventure that you can take yourself or involve your whole family. If you have or had ever had an interest in the Martial Arts then now is the time.  I believe that everyone can benefit from the Martial Arts in some way.  Come in and check us out. You won’t be disappointed.